Friday, 1 February 2013

Difference between Mini SIM,Micro SIM and Nano SIM card

Full-size SIM :
Full size SIM are the first type of GSM SIM cards used in old mobile phones  and it  has a size equal to a credit card (85.60 mm × 53.98 mm × 0.76 mm).
Full-size SIM (1FF)
Mini SIM (Regular or Standard SIM card):
Mini SIM (Regular or Standard SIM)
Mini SIM or a Standard SIM card  is the most used SIM card in the world and it has the same thickness of a Full size SIM but the size is reduced to  25 mm height and 15 mm width.To avoid the misinsertion ,one of its corner is truncated.

Micro SIM :

Micro SIM has the same thickness that of a Mini SIM card but the length and width are further reduced.iPhone 4 made the micro SIM size more popular and shortly other big smartphone manufactures also adopted Micro SIM size for their high-end smartphones.With the help of Micro SIM cutter  you can easily cut a Mini SIM into Micro SIM.
Nano SIM :
In Nano SIM card the size is  reduced very near to pin contact area ,provided very thin plastic rim border to avoid short-circuit  and the thickness also reduced to 0.7mm which is 15 less when compared to the regular SIM card.again iPhone 5 made Nano SIM size more popular.Different adapters are available in the market to use Nano SIM in Micro SIM or Mini SIM supported devices.Nano sim cutters are also available in the market.

Size of SIM cards

SIM card Type
Full size SIM
8.56 CM
5.39 CM
0.076 CM
Mini SIM
2.5 CM
1.5 CM
0.076 CM
Micro SIM
1.5 CM
1.2 CM
0.076 CM
Nano SIM
1.23 CM
0.88 CM
0.067 CM

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